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Sunday, August 26, 2012
Uighur ethnic Chinese medicine as an important part in recent years more and more widespread concern, developed rapidly. Recently, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party Secretary Wang Lequan proposed, with the development of high technology to upgrade traditional industries in order to revitalize the Xinjiang Uygur Medicine represented the characteristics of potential pharmaceutical industry, medicine industry, which has brought to Victoria for further development of business opportunities.

Dimension into the development of gold drugs
Uygur medicine has 2,500 years of history, traditional Chinese medicine and the fine traditional culture of Uyghur important part, but also one of China's four major ethnic medicine. Dimensional type of drugs in medicine, processing, processing, recipe preparation, clinical applications have strong national characteristics and distinctive regional characteristics, in the treatment of vitiligo, skin disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other complex diseases have a unique efficacy in the Mainland and Central Asia, the Middle East countries have some impact on the market.

The past century, due to the introduction of modern medicine, Uygur medicine discrimination, exclusion, or even the verge of extinction. After the founding of New China, Xinjiang Uygur medicine gained a new life. Especially the "Eighth Five-Year" has been in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region party committee and government attach great importance to the national and regional authorities of the strong support of the Xinjiang Uygur Medicine has become the pharmaceutical industry to develop a new and important growth point.

According to statistics, Xinjiang Uygur has been established 40 medical institutions, drug production to Victoria main business of pharmaceutical companies have six, higher medical schools a Uighur, Uygur 3 medical research institutions, the basic formed health care, education, research, and coordinated development of the pattern of drug production. Victoria Xinjiang Uygur Medicine products manufacturers can produce 30 kinds of production value of more than 4000 million. Promulgated in 1998, "The People's Republic of China pharmaceutical standards (part of Uygur medicine)", collection contains 202 kinds of drug-dimensional, its 115 Chinese herbal medicines, Sprayed formulations 87 to Uighur drug production, use, supervision, management has been based, thus Uighur medicine has entered a new period of development.

Present, Xinjiang Uygur medicine is to speed up the excavation, consolidation, and upgrade some domestic well-known medical research institutions and pharmaceutical companies have a beachhead Uygur medicine market, and foreign medical experts focus on the modern Uighur medicine research, greatly enhance the Uygur medicine development efforts.

But the drug industry in Victoria is still hard to be optimistic, according to regional health department, the Director of Traditional Chinese Medicine National Al-fu? Mamat Ni Yazi, at present Xinjiang, the annual output of about 3.0 billion of drug sales, but the local Xinjiang pharmaceutical companies accounted for only about 20% of sales, several dimensions greater share of pharmaceutical products is negligible. In addition, the development of Victoria there are drug problems: As word of mouth Victoria granted prescription drugs, effective ingredients is not clear;-dimensional multi-drug production for the small workshop-style, simple process, technology, quality standards are not high; dimensional most of the lack of drug production enterprises marketing science, not sales professionals, and no brand.